Apple, the only manufacturer to sell more mobiles than before

+8% : the number of smartphones sold more by Apple in the third quarter of 2023 compared to the same period last year. These estimates, which come from a study by the Canalys firm, are intended to be as close as possible to reality, but it is as often impossible to verify them with 100% certainty because the firm at the apple does not communicate this kind of figures.

The latest quarterly iPhone results, however, tend to confirm that success is indeed there. Mobile phones running iOS thus generated more than forty-seven billion dollars in revenue between July and September 2022. To date, the most affordable model still available new in stores is the third generation iPhone SEsold from 559 euros in metropolitan France.

The other manufacturers in the cabbage

Although the situation therefore seems to be relatively profitable for Apple, its competitors would be in rather bad shape after this same quarter. Canalys reports as well as Samsungwhich remains the world number one in the mobile telephone sector, lost 8% growth between 2022 and 2023. The Korean manufacturer would drop from 69.4 million units sold to 64.1 million.

Third behind Apple, Xiaomi would also record a tumble of 8%, from 44 million smartphones sold to 40.5 million. would come next Oppo whose fall would be the heaviest: -22%. The latest product released by the brand is the A17k, available for less than 200 euros with a single photo sensor on the back, a 6.56-inch screen and Android 12 as the operating system.

iPhone 14 Pro: the king of Black Friday?

These figures are very encouraging for Apple, which could generate even more revenue in the coming days. Next November 11 will indeed be Black Friday, with hundreds of promotions made by dealers for the occasion. And if Cupertino rarely offers this type of offer, this is not the case with its resellers like Amazon or Darty.

To be sure, next record profits are expected at the end of January. With perhaps, as a bonus, additional sales due to the release of new MacBook Pro.

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