Apple: Tim Cook turns his back on the RCS standard, it will not arrive on the iPhone

With the new RCS messaging standard being rolled out to most Android smartphones, the question of integrating it on iOS has obviously surfaced, but as you might expect, that’s not in the plans. from Apple.

In an interview at the Code 2022 conference, Tim Cook bluntly dismissed this possibility, stating: “ I don’t hear our users asking that we put a lot of energy into it at this point “.

“Buy your mom an iPhone”

The journalist LiQuan Hunt who had asked this question then came back with a concrete example to illustrate his remarks. He explains that he cannot transmit a video in good quality because of the lack of interoperability between the two systems… to which Tim Cook replied “buy your mom an iphone“. That has the merit of being clear.

Recently, an article fromwall street journalhighlighted the social pressure exerted on American teenagers who do not own an iPhone and therefore cannot communicate with iMessage. Even if it may seem trivial, Apple’s messaging system distinguishes between device types using a color code, a green bubble for Android and blue on iOS, which would lead to discrimination.


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