Apple Watch Series 3 inventory is running low

It has been several days since almost all of the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE is no longer available on the online Apple Store, Apple displaying a laconic “Currently unavailable” which tells us that stocks are exhausted and that new models will be here soon. We have seen this situation around the world for a few days now, whereas the Apple Watch Series 3 could so far always be ordered without delay. This is still the case in France, but not in other countries where Apple’s entry-level watch is no longer on sale. This is for example the case in the United Kingdom, Japan or Australia, and partially in the United States.

In short, Apple is clearing inventory of its entire Apple Watch lineup ahead of its back-to-school event to be held this Wednesday, September 7. This year, Apple should present no less than three different models. At the entry level, an update of the Apple Watch SE should integrate the S8 chip instead of the S5 chip while the Apple Watch Series 3 would leave the catalog. Then there should be the Apple Watch Series 8 to succeed the Apple Watch Series 7, with some routine upgrades and the integration of a body temperature sensor. Finally, Apple should lift the veil on a brand new model intended to replace the Apple Watch Edition at the top of the range: possibly called Apple Watch Pro, the new watch would have a different, more angular design with a more solid chassis, a more battery important and a bigger screen.

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