Apple Watch Ultra: a bug with the display of the return trip

The Home Point feature on Apple Watch Ultra has a display bug. Or more exactly display delay. In his test of the new watch, while he was off on a long hike, DC Rainmaker noticed that the route recorded by the Ultra, which he was following to retrace his steps, had disappeared from the screen. Instead of the general track and waypoints, the Compass app showed a blank screen. Later (a few hours all the same), the data reappeared just as suddenly.

When it works. Credit : DC Rainmaker

Quite annoying as this user was at the furthest point of their journey and without cell coverage. He was able to reproduce this behavior twice.

When it doesn’t work anymore

In discussion with Apple, it turned out that it is a bug in the display of the route and waypoints. watchOS can take about 20 seconds to put this information on the screen instead of doing it instantly. In the meantime, the screen is blank and the user – who won’t think of keeping his wrist in the air for so long – will logically deduce that the information is lost. They are still there, but they are slow to show themselves.

A fix will be added in a future firmware update. It is not specified, however, if this bug occurs on Series 8 and earlier models which also have the new Compass app.


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