Apple’s MagSafe at the heart of the new Qi2 wireless charging standard

Apple’s MagSafe at the heart of the new Qi2 wireless charging standard

Thanks to the Qi standard, the iPhone 8 and X introduced wireless charging. With the iPhone 12, Apple has added an extra layer, MagSafewhich combines a magnetic alignment system with a recharging speed multiplied by two (15 W on certified chargers).

From Christmas 2023, the Qi standard will be replaced by its successor called Qi2 (pronounced “t-chi two”). And Apple provided the basis for this new standard, since the Qi2 is based on MagSafe technology. Apple and other members of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the organization responsible for wireless charging standards, have developed the Magnetic Power Profile, which is at the heart of Qi2.

Devices that obey the principles of this “magnetic power profile” will be able to align perfectly with charging peripherals, which will improve charging efficiency and speed up charging (up to 7.5W for an iPhone placed on a standard Qi mat). Does this mean that Qi2 will be able to go up to 15 W of the MagSafe? The WPC does not specify this.

On the other hand, the organization indicates that due to its improved efficiency and interoperability, Qi2 will enable faster charging for some devices “. The new standard will also ensure safe and energy-efficient charging, without reducing battery life and of course without damaging the smartphone.

We will have the opportunity to verify these good intentions when the first Qi2-certified devices are available. Charging by induction and MagSafe are very practical, but these technologies display a contrasting energy balance, to say the least.

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