Appointment with the moon –

Saturday evening, about twenty inhabitants, who came with their families, from Ambeyrac and neighboring villages took part in an evening of discovery of Astronomy, organized at the Causse campsite, located in Ambeyrac, a few days before the Gathering of Amateur Astronauts of the Great Southwest (RAAGSO).

Corine Yahia, President of the association “Astronomie Gironde 33” and of RAAGSO, specifies that this event is perfectly in line with the European Heritage Days 2022, because the sky is a common good that should be preserved from pollution. lights and trains of satellites that interfere with stargazing.

The Gather (RAAGSO) takes place every year on the new moon in September. Nadine and Maurice Pradayrol have been welcoming these “amateur” astronomers since 2010 to their Causse de Camboulan campsite, located in the large Black Triangle of Quercy, an area with the lowest light pollution in France. It brings together both a possibility of staying with all the conveniences and a vast open space, for observation, overlooking the Lot valley.

For this evening of September 17, Corine Yahia had planned, around 6 p.m., a conference on the theme “The Moon, from myths to reality”. She evoked the place of the moon in mythology, legends and beliefs, attached to the Star of the Night.

She then explained the mechanisms of the formation of our natural satellite and presented the history of observations over time, until the future manned flight project of the Atémis II mission.

At nightfall, after a convivial picnic taken together, the president of AG 33, designated, under a veritable “open-air planetarium”, the planets, constellations and other clusters, nebulae and visible galaxies, giving all scientific explanations, but also, on the mythological origins of their name.

Then, everyone’s sight having become accustomed to the darkness, it was possible to observe the stars and the celestial compositions, using sophisticated telescopes, implemented by the association’s astronomers.

It was a fabulous evening. It is appropriate to thank, without reserve, Nadine and Maurice Pradayrol, for their warm welcome as well as Corine Yahia and all the astronomers, for this unforgettable experience.

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