Aqara postpones its Matter update for a more serene deployment

Aqara postpones its Matter update for a more serene deployment

Most of the brands that design connected objects have announced their intention to release Matter-compatible products and sometimes also to update their devices already on the market. Aqara had followed the movement at the beginning of November, shortly after the launch of the new standard.

Customers therefore expected to be offered an update, but, with no news in this last week of the year, one could imagine that Aqara may have been too optimistic about the deadline. Asked by the site HomeKit Authoritythe manufacturer has confirmed that it will finally have to wait until January before seeing the long-awaited update arrive.

This small additional delay for the transition to Matter is necessary to ensure a better user experience, according to the statements of the Chinese brand. We imagine that the task is indeed a challenge with around forty products to be made compatible at first, and dozens of others thereafter.

In addition to the updates, Aqara plans to release a new range in 2023 incorporating the Thread communication protocol, which will allow objects to act as relays within a mesh network. On the other hand, a new version of its application will offer the possibility of supporting Matter devices from other manufacturers.

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