Are you a girl between 12 and 18? Sign up for the Change Mak’Her program and launch an innovative project!

Do you have lots of ideas to make this world a better place? The Mak’her program of Startup For Kids will help you achieve them! As a team and coached by professionals, you will be able to create a digital solution to a current problem such as gender inequalities, pollution, disability, etc.

You will then learn how to set up a tech project from A to Z and discover the backstage of the creation of a digital solution: you will understand the whole process behind Instagram, Netflix, Uber, or even Tik Tok and how to apply it. to your project! And it’s free.

The program in a few questions:

“I can’t join the program, I’m “null” in math”

No problem ! We often think that to work in tech, you have to be good at math and/or be passionate about video games. This is of course completely false. There are two things you will need throughout this program: your motivation and your creativity!

“Why is the program only open to girls? »

Because even today many girls (and maybe you are one of them) think that tech is especially for boys and that they have no place there. But this is totally false, girls can also claim to work in tech. The objective of this program is that you can find yourself between girls to remove this blockage together!

  • Register yourself now to join the Change Mak’Her program at the start of the 2022 school year!

When ? From October 2022 to June 2023.

  • Every Wednesday afternoon, twice a month.
  • A one-week boot camp will be organized during the All Saints holidays.

For who ? Girls from 12 to 18 years old.

  • A special girl power program – with other girls your age

How ? Open to all thanks to our double program:

  • A 100% distance format to support participants from all over France.
  • Face-to-face, organized in Paris to welcome girls from all over Ile-de-France.

Did you know ?
For 2 years, more than 60 girls have embarked on this adventure. As a team, and accompanied by tech professionals, they have created projects for more gender equality, some of which you can discover by clicking here.

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