Argentina world champion in 2022 thanks to the transfer of Messi to PSG and Tom Cruise?  Yes, if one is superstitious!

Argentina world champion in 2022 thanks to the transfer of Messi to PSG and Tom Cruise? Yes, if one is superstitious!

If you are superstitious, the 2022 World Cup cannot escape Argentina thanks to PSG and… Tom Cruise.

Argentina is one of the big favorites for the next World Cup to be held in Qatar. The selection led by Lionel Scaloni is on an impressive streak of 35 matches without defeat.

The record of its kind, which belongs to Italy (37 matches in a row without the slightest setback) could also be beaten at the World Cup if Argentina keeps its cruising speed..

But in Argentina, beyond the record, it is the world title that makes the crowds dream. And for the Argentinian newspaper Olethe crowning of the Albiceleste is a certainty if one is superstitious and one refers to the 1986 World Cup, the date of Argentina’s last triumph on the world stage.

Messi reproduces the same career as Maradona

First disturbing element raised by Olethe mimicry between the careers of Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona.

In 1984, two years before winning the World Cup, Maradona left FC Barcelona to join Napoli, Italy. And Serie A, at the time, was the championship of the world champions since the Squadra Azzurra had been crowned in 1982.

And Messi does the exact same thing. He left Barça in 2020, two years before the World Cup in Qatar to join PSG and Ligue 1, the championship of world champions since the Blues were titled in Russia in 2018.

1986 and 2022: Top Gun hits theaters

For Oleif Argentina will win the World Cup it is also thanks to Tom Cruise and Top Gun.

The first installment in the saga was released in 1986, the year Argentina won their second World Cup.

In 2022, Top Gun Maverick, the sequel, was a worldwide success in dark rooms.

A final at noon and the presence of Canada

Ole adds another point in common between the 1986 edition of the World Cup and the one to come in 2022. With the time difference, the final in Qatar scheduled for 6:00 p.m. will take place at noon in Argentina, as was the case in 1986 with the World Cup in Mexico.

The Argentine newspaper also specifies that Canada participated in its first World Cup in 1986 and that they are back for the first time in the final phase in 2022.

It’s all very well, but Ole forget that Argentina was world champion in 1978. An edition without Canada, without Top Gun in the cinema and with a final scheduled for 3:00 p.m., Buenos Aires time.

See you on December 18 to see if the 2022 World Cup will be a repeat of the 1986 World Cup.