As for the iPhone, Apple equips its connected watches with a battery saver mode

This mode is simply similar to the one available on the iPhone and the iPad. By activating it, the watch remains active but the operating system will automatically cut off certain options to preserve the battery of the device.

Apple indicates in particular that the always-on screen will be cut off, and will not wake up until the wrist is raised. Background processes will also be cut, as well as heart rate notifications, automatic exercise detection and cellular connectivity for models equipped with an eSIM.

The company explains that the autonomy is doubled once the energy saving mode, going from 18 to 36 hours of use. Good news to end the day or a weekend without a charger.

Better still: whereas one would have thought that this functionality would be reserved only for latest Apple Watch, the brand indicates that the energy saving mode will be available on all Apple Watches compatible with watchOS 9, which is the Apple Watch Series 4 and all newer models. If you do not necessarily want to renew your watch this year, this feature could therefore interest you and save you a purchase.

watchOS 9 will be available from Monday, September 12 for download.

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