Asylum and migration – Brussels: a symbolic refugee camp to draw attention to the asylum crisis

A few hundred people organized an action on Sunday, Quai aux Barques, in Brussels, to denounce the poor reception of asylum seekers. Using cardboard tents, these people have set up a symbolic refugee camp in the park, in reference to the camp that was set up in Maximilian Park in 2015, in the midst of the migration crisis. “If the federal government does not act not quickly and does not fulfill its duty to welcome all asylum seekers, we will still have camps like this,” the activists warned. “For a year, in front of the doors of the Petit Château, we have seen people daily who, according to all international rules, should receive a welcome but do not receive it”, deplores Adriana Costa Santos, president of the Citizen Support Platform for Refugees. . “These people are forced to live on the streets in inhumane conditions because the federal government is not doing its job. This is not a refugee crisis but a reception crisis.” The President of the Platform recalls that in one year, Fedasil has been condemned nearly a thousand times for lack of reception. The Belgian State was also condemned by the court of first instance in Brussels. But despite this, and despite the health emergency, “the government refuses to fulfill its obligations”, we still denounce. Finally, the Platform recalls that the problems in the reception of asylum seekers in Belgium are far from new. “Year after year, the same problems resurface, we go from crisis to crisis,” said Alexis Deswaef, co-president of the Citizen Platform. “Even for the president of the labor court in Brussels, things are clear: it is a deliberate policy to make our country less attractive in the eyes of refugees, so that they do not come to Belgium but to neighboring countries. C ‘unacceptable.” (Belga)

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