At Lidl, the Silvercrest pastry robot is equipped with a scale

Lidl regularly offers Silvercrest food processors. Thanks to this new model, the distributor goes upmarket with a better equipped device. The multifunction pastry robot has a power of 900 W, against 650 W for the previous version. If the power must imperatively be put into perspective with the type of motorization, these few additional watts suggest better performance. Note, all Silvercrest robots adopt a belt motor located in the body of the device – and not in its head.

In addition, Lidl’s new pastry robot seems to integrate a scale to weigh ingredients. The data sheet surprisingly does not mention it, but the small display and the buttons visible above the speed selector leave little room for doubt about the presence of this very practical function, and still far too rare. However, Kenwood and Bosch also have a few models with an integrated scale in their catalogue, such as the MUM 5.

For its part, the bowl undergoes a minor facelift and gains a single handle, whereas it was previously devoid of one. On the other hand, it loses its capacity: from 5 l, it goes to 3.6 l. Combined with the higher wattage, this more modest capacity suggests that Silvercrest wants a more robust and durable robot.

To take action, the robot comes with a pastry kit including three attachments: a whisk, a flat beater and a kneader. A blender is also available for those who wish to mix fruits and vegetables. In all, there are eight speeds, as well as an additional boost speed, which activate the accessories of the food processor.

For budding gourmets, Lidl is putting the Silvercrest food processor on sale from November 3. Available in red or gray, it will be offered at a price of 129 €.

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