Automotive revolution with P-OLED and LCD LTPS screens (CES 2023)

Automotive revolution with P-OLED and LCD LTPS screens (CES 2023)

It is LG to whom we owe this technological development, aimed at the automotive world. Indeed, the electronics giant took advantage of CES 2023 to unveil new screens, the P-OLED and LCD LTPS. Concretely, they will bring the very first 18-inch OLED panel to the automotive sector. As well as a new Advanced Thin OLED (ATO) screen, with an attractive design and benefiting from a slimming cure, with -20% thickness compared to traditional OLED screens. Finally, LG Display’s 57” LCD will be the world’s largest automotive LCD.

LG hits hard in the automotive industry

Here is the additional information from the official press release as well as the reaction of the senior vice-president of the Auto Business group at LG.

LG Display’s 57″ LCD, the world’s largest automotive LCD, maximizes driving experiences by covering the entire dashboard from left to right pillar. Highly innovative, the 12.3” Glassless Cluster 3D LCD gives the driver real-time road information in the form of 3D images by tracking the drivers eyes. LG Display will also unveil Switchable Privacy Mode, which, by controlling viewing angles, helps drivers look straight ahead without being distracted by side vision from the passenger display.

We will continue to strengthen the competitiveness of our Order-to-Order business through quality control and stable supply capabilities, leveraging our leading technologies, especially our P-OLED and LCD LTPS technologies. said Byeong-koo Kim, Senior Vice President and Group Head of Auto Business at LG Display.