Bayonetta 3 available on Switch worldwide

Bayonetta 3 from PlatinumGames and Nintendo is available today as expected on Nintendo Switch worldwide.

“Bayonetta 3, the latest installment in the acclaimed action game series, releases today on Nintendo Switch. Aided by new characters and well-known allies, the Umbra Witch will have to use her signature magic and weapons to fight a new threat across the world.

Taking the form of biological weapons called homunculi, a mysterious evil threatens reality itself, and Bayonetta is ready to confront it. However, she will not be alone in her fight against this existential danger. She will team up with old acquaintances and new allies to save the world. From the streets of Tokyo to the mountains of China, the relentless witch of the Umbra will have to use her full arsenal of demonic abilities to defeat the enemy in titanic battles in the midst of varied environments.

As in previous episodes of Bayonetta, the player will guide the famous witch through many levels to face waves of enemies and bosses by combining melee and firearm attacks. In addition to hand-to-hand combat and shooting, the player will be able to avoid attacks in extremis and thus trigger the Bewitchment. This dodge gives Bayonetta such speed that time seems to slow down around her. She can then counter-attack the enemy who finds himself defenseless. Bayonetta also has new abilities, Submission Dance, and Demonic Masquerade. With the Dance of Submission, the player takes control of one of three infernal demons that the witch can bond with to unleash her demonic powers in the thick of battle. Demonic Masquerade, on the other hand, allows Bayonetta to channel the demon bound to her weapon to trigger new techniques and anthology combos.

In this opus, the player will also be able to control Viola, a brand new character. This apprentice witch travels the multiverse to carry out an important mission entrusted to her. When her skills with the sword are not enough, Viola can count on Chouchou, the capricious feline demon she can summon thanks to the charm attached to her weapon.

At any time, the player can freely choose one of three difficulty levels, Easy, Normal or Expert. A Training mode is also available to practice the use of techniques and attacks outside of the Story mode.

A Trinity Masquerade Edition is, like the standard version of the game, available today. It contains a physical copy of the game, a 200-page color artbook, and three exclusive covers, one for each title in the franchise*. The three covers can be combined to form a large illustration.

* Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, sold separately.”

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