Beaune in favor of a review clause in 2026

Beaune in favor of a review clause in 2026

“This transformation is heavy, massive, ambitious, but it must be done,” insisted Clément Beaune.

The Minister of Transport Clement Beaune on Sunday supported the idea of ​​a review clause in 2026 to take stock of the progress the objective of banning the sale of new thermal and hybrid cars within the European Union in 2035.There will be a review clause to see if there are other technologies that can accompany» electrical technology, assured Clément Beaune, guest of the RTL-Le Figaro-LCI Grand Jury.

So as not to kill our European industry, because there are continents that go a little slower than us“, he added. “And we are not going to stop exporting hybrid or thermal vehicles abroad in 2035, otherwise it is the Chinese who will conquer all the developing markets.“, insisted the minister.

He was invited to react about the European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton who, in an interview with echoes Thursday, said he had “insisted that a review clause be adopted for 2026“. The transition to all-electric is “certainly the strongest industrial transformation that the European Union has known“, estimated Thierry Breton.

This transformation is heavy, it is massive, it is ambitious but it must be done“, insisted Clément Beaune, confirming despite everything the objective of 2035 because “this is how we mobilize manufacturers“. On October 27, the EU endorsed the end of new thermal engine vehicles for 2035 with an agreement reached between the 27 Member States and MEPs.

However, the text addresses the possibility of a green light in the future for alternative technologies such as synthetic fuels (e-fuels) or plug-in hybrid engines if these make it possible to achieve the objective of completely eliminating emissions of greenhouse gases from vehicles. Clément Beaune was also questioned about the end of the general discount on fuel planned for the end of 2022 and its replacement in 2023 by a targeted device reserved for large rollers.

Parameters are still under discussion“, he said. This assistance will be reserved for people who haveregular use requiredof their vehicle and will be conditional on income. “We move to a more targeted device», the outlines of which will be known before the end of the year. The government has provided an envelope of 1.7 billion euros. In 2022, the total cost of the various state-funded fuel discounts is expected to amount to 7.5 billion euros.