Benzema has already made a drastic decision for his post-career

Benzema has already made a drastic decision for his post-career

Guest of Zack Nani on Twitch, Karim Benzema discussed many topics, including the life he would like to lead after hanging up his boots. If the recent Ballon d’Or does not exclude a retraining as a coach, it clearly closes the door to another possibility.

At 34, Karim Benzema is still far from done with football. If his start to the season seems a little less flamboyant, the former OL striker is nonetheless a major player for the Merengues. This year again, Real Madrid will be one of the great contenders for victory in the Champions League.

If successful, KB9 would then lift the Big Ears Cup for the sixth time in their life, an absolutely exceptional achievement. In the meantime, the native of the capital of Gaul will fly to Qatar in a few weeks for the World Cup. Absent during the 2018 success, the opportunity will be great to add the only major trophy he lacks.

“I would never be a consultant”

This World Cup could indeed be the last for the Ballon d’Or 2022. If he still has an impressive physical form, the weight of the years is still likely to be felt soon. Regarding his post-career, Lyonnais has already made a choice. Facing Zack Nani, the right-hander explained that he “would never be a consultant” because according to the international tricolor “these people disrespect footballers”.

Unlike Thierry Henry, Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville, Karim Benzema will therefore never opt for a retraining on television sets. On the other hand, it is not impossible that the Madrid native will one day sit on a bench as a coach. “After player, coach I don’t know, I would like to help young players, that they understand a little”thus advanced the Frenchman who answered the question of the famous streamer Zack Nani.