Between popular song and mobilizing messages… Macky Sall launches its “second world…” campaign

By declaring his incandescent flame to “lady Cup” (football world cup trophy), passing through the beautiful green gardens of the Palace of the Republic, nestled in the heart of the Senegalese capital, President Macky Sall, also ignited the canvas and more!

The passage of the Trophy Tour 2022 in Dakar, this Tuesday, September 7, will undoubtedly be marked by this part of the speech of the Senegalese Head of State who, in the space of half time, scored a goal worthy of a formidable surface attacker.

The current president of the African Union will wear his poet’s costume with a sharp pen to “court” the beautiful and coveted golden cup (5kg including 18 carats of pure gold and precious stones, etc.) “As for you lady cut, Senegal by my voice, declares its flame to you! Of all your suitors, we are the only country in Teranga. So we offer you the Senegalese Teranga with open arms. And, we promise you that with all claws out, the Lion will fight with all its might to conquer you and bring you back here, to Senegal, next December in sha Allah! »An atypical style that has just had the gift of seducing.

Recalling his now memorable speech, delivered in January 2022 (still at the palace), on the occasion of the ceremony to hand over the flag to the Senegal national football team which will return with the continental title, Macky’s message once again hits the mark! That day, he said this to Kalidou Koulibaly, Sadio Mané and Co., “It’s the dem ba diekh indi coupe bi! We need nguén niaffé ko! We want the cup but not just to go to the final (give your all, until the last energy, you have to show bravery to bring back the trophy. ”

Calling for sacred union around the national selection, he then invoked all forms of prayers, support and other incantations capable of bringing the Lions to the coronation.

The quest for the world title in Qatar (November 20 to December 18, 2022) is thus perfectly launched for the Lions’ second campaign under the leadership of President Macky Sall (Senegal’s third participation in a World Cup after 2002 and 2018.)

When receiving the World Cup trophy for the second time in Dakar, the pass was seized by the Senegalese Head of State who played the game, immediately pushing the song with the committee of supporters “12th Gaïndé » with the famous “Buur yallah niogui laay niane Senegal dieul Ndaam li! »

A refreshing sequence, which went viral on social networks, in just a few hours.
Beyond all extra-sporting considerations, so far from the political field, its partisan ties and other forms of coloring, here the emphasis deserves to be placed on the oratorical talents of the first fan of the Lions.

To convince himself of this, President Sall, in a fairly tense socio-political context, skilfully used the soft power of sport, especially football, to soften the social climate for an afternoon. In these times of world economic situation, football seems to be one of the rare means of escape and communion for the Senegalese people, eternal lovers of the round ball.

But, between the lines, despite the lightness in the tone of the speech and the festive aspect of the meeting, the importance of the next participation of the reigning African champions in the 2022 World Cup, will not have been overshadowed. even less minimized. Indeed, Macky Sall who is committed to supporting the national team more, wants more than just participation. What if Africa, not to say Senegal, legitimately began to dream much bigger?

In any case, Dame Coupe is eagerly awaited by the Senegalese, perhaps in a few weeks, with the blessing of the Gods of football…


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