Biden declares state of emergency in New York due to blizzards

Biden declares state of emergency in New York due to blizzards

AA / Washington / Mennatallah Said

US President Joe Biden has agreed to declare a state of emergency in western New York State, amid snowstorms that have killed around 50 people across the United States.

Biden issued an emergency statement for Erie and Genesee counties on Monday calling for the mobilization of necessary federal resources to manage the crisis and coordinate relief efforts, according to US newspaper The Hill.

Biden said, on Twitter, that he spoke with New York Governor Kathy Hochul to ensure the state has all the federal resources it needs to deal with the bad weather and the repercussions of the snow storm.

“We are ready to make sure they have the resources they need to get through this ordeal,” he added.

For his part, Hochul said New York is “at war with nature”, pointing out that this destructive storm is “the blizzard of the century”.

She expressed shock at the situation on the ground and roads after the storm hit the country, adding in press releases on Monday that the situation “is still difficult”.

Hochul called on citizens to avoid leaving homes due to the threat of snow and fears of an increase in the number of cars stuck on the roads, hampering rescue operations and the arrival of ambulances.

“This is probably the worst storm in our lifetime and in the history of the city,” Erie County Chief Executive Officer Mark Polonkarz said at a press conference on Sunday.

US authorities announced on Monday that the death toll from snowstorms in the country “has risen to at least 48 people, including 27 in New York.”

It should be noted that the American authorities expected an increase in the death toll, with the continuation of the accumulation of snow reaching more than two meters in height.

*Translated from Arabic by Wejden Jlassi

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