big discount before Back Friday

big discount before Back Friday

This promo on the TCL 65C735 has the lowest price since its launch. You won’t find better value for money for a 4K TV at 120 Hz with a QLED panel and HDMI 2.1. It’s the ideal choice for those looking for a television capable of fully exploiting their PS5 or Xbox Series X while limiting their budget. Despite its price, its QLED panel offers good rendering and good performance for video games. It is a screen based on LCD display technology with Quantum Dot filter (QLED). This improves color rendering. It belongs to the TCL 2022 TV range. Its VA panel displays good contrast, which sets it apart from its main competitors.

The TCL C735 replaces the TCL C72+ of 2021. TCL is one of the main manufacturers of televisions, it mainly targets good value for money. This promo on the TCL 65C735 is a good illustration of the positioning of the brand. It does not match OLED or Mini LED TVs, especially on HDR rendering. On the other hand, its particularly aggressive price appeals to many buyers. If you are looking for a screen that is fully compatible with the new consoles and with a good rendering, this is an option to consider.

Its backlight system is Direct LED, but it does not have zone backlight functionality or Local Dimming. This limits its HDR rendering, this is its main flaw, but the price displayed by this promo on the TCL 65C735 can quickly make you forget this point. Its refresh rate rises to 144 Hz, against 120 Hz for the TCL C72+ of 2021. However, today only PC users can take advantage of 144 Hz. Console gamers on PS5 Where Xbox Series X are limited to 120 Hz. HDMI 2.1 connectivity is also present. It brings full compatibility with the new Next Gen consoles. Like 4K at 120 Hz, the VRR, ALLM and also theeARC. If this offer does not suit you, do not hesitate to consult the selection of good TV planswith the best offers of the moment.

TCL C735 for PS5 and Xbox Series X console

Is this promo on the TCL 65C735 worth it? If you’re looking for a 65-inch TV under the $1,000 mark with full HDMI 2.1 compatibility, this is simply the best deal around. You will find Mini LED or OLED panels with better rendering, but at 65 inches you will have to spend almost three times as much. You will find other alternatives with our selection of good TV plans&, if this promo does not suit you.

TCL 65C735
570€ (-35%)

65 inch QLED, HDMI 2.1, 144Hz, VRR, ALLM

Baker via Rakuten

Via ODR -150€ (with the Boulanger invoice)

+39€ (or more depending on your Rakuten level) in vouchers

-50€ with code TV50


With its QLED panel, the TCL 65C735 offers good image rendering compared to a conventional LCD panel. In addition, motion blur reduction video processing is effective and provides sharp images even during fast action.

Best prices TCL C735

Before you decide or not for this promo on the TCL 65C735, here are the prices on the market.

Top Prices TCL 50C735 QLED (50 inch)
Top Prices TCL 55C735 QLED (55 inch)
-100€ through ODR until November 17
Top Prices TCL 65C735 QLED (65 inch)
-150€ via ODR until November 17
Top Prices TCL 75C735 QLED (75 inch)
-200€ via ODR until November 17
Top Prices TCL 85C735 QLED (85 inch)
-200€ via ODR until November 17
Best prices TCL 95C735 QLED (98 inch)

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