Big trade suggested between two leaders, thoroughly on the Kevin Durant file!

Many were the teams to position themselves on the Kevin Durant file during the summer, without success however. Suddenly, an ex-coach offered two of them to set up their own big transfer. But fans weren’t convinced…

The Heat and the Suns have something in common, and not least: when Kevin Durant announced that he wanted to leave the Nets, they were the ones he announced that he wanted to join as a priority. In the end, however, he had to resign himself to continuing with Brooklyn… while the two franchises remained empty-handed, especially since their offseason was not foliochrant. The Cactus were humiliated on the Deandre Ayton filewhile Floridians failed to bring in a new star.

However, these are two candidates for the title and they therefore do not intend to sit idly by, if an opportunity to make a major move arises again. Suddenly, the former coach David Thorpe has suggested that the two cadors do business together, quite simply. Interviewed by the site Heavyhe proposes to Miami to separate from Tyler Herro, which risks costing them very (too) expensive because they are eligible for an extension. Instead, they would then get Cameron Johnson:

Tyler Herro transferred from the Heat to the Suns?

Despite being four years older than Herro, Johnson was picked two spots ahead of him in 2019. A great and improving defenseman, Johnson also made 39% of his three-point shots in his first three seasons and 41 % in the last two postseason campaigns. Like Herro, he was a solid role player on one of the league’s elite teams.

He’s not the scorer or shot-maker that Herro is, and that’s important to Miami. On the other hand, however, Johnson was able to shoot 12 points per game in the second unit with a very balanced offense. He should get more three-point shots in Miami, which means he would fill some of the void left by PJ Tucker’s departure.

Indeed, Johnson and Herro came from the same promotion three years ago, drafted in 11th and 13th position respectively. Except that while the nugget from South Beach has become a real star, even being elected Sixth Man of the Year last year, his classmate is a player who is certainly valuable, but not so incredible as that in arizona. Unsurprisingly, Florida fans were therefore not at all convinced by this potential transaction:

If Miami didn’t want to trade him for Durant or Donovan Mitchellwhat makes people think they’re going to do it for this?

Why would the Heat even consider it?

Tyler Herro wants to hit the max for his next contract, and the Heat cannot guarantee him such a sum. But parting with it against Cameron Johnson? It would still be a hell of a bad deal for the franchise on paper. So there is little chance of that happening.

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