Bitcoin “a fraud?  “: the boss of JP Morgan attacks (again) cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin “a fraud? “: the boss of JP Morgan attacks (again) cryptocurrencies

BTC, a 14-year-old “fraud”? – It is always surprising to see how much a bank, which has been one of the very rare to exploit technologies very early on issues of Bitcoin (BTC), may have a boss who hated as much the king of cryptos. This is however the case of the multinational banking JP Morgan and its CEO Jamie Dimon. The latter still insults Bitcoin from ” fraud “.

In 6 years, JP Morgan boss still hasn’t had Satoshi’s code checked

Despite the 14th anniversary of the launch of bitcoin occurred at the beginning of this month of January 2023, nothing is done to Jamie Dimon. The leader of the mega-bank JP Morgan still considers bitcoin only as a vast scam.

Of course present to the essential Davos ForumJamie Dimon once again spoke out for denigrate the oldest and most valued crypto-asset. As there is, moreover, the sad habit since… 2017 already!

To begin with, from 6 years so that he criticizes Bitcoin, the boss of JP Morgan has still not asked various independent programmers / coders to confirm the limit of 21 million of units of the invention that he allows himself to criticize without knowing. However, he could more than afford it.

And that’s really not serious for an international banker whose firm invests heavily in the area. He obviously doesn’t want to understand that Bitcoin’s code is open source for 14 yearsand that, if a developer had seen the slightest doubt questioning the limit of 21 million BTC, he would have been quick to point it out in a glorifying scoop.

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Bitcoin: a “fraud”, a “Ponzi”, a “pet rock”

As a result of his doubt, Jamie Dimon literally makes it rain torrents of insults on bitcoin and crypto-assets. During his interview with the Squawk Box show at World Economic Forum (WEF) from Davos on January 19, the head of JP Morgan managed to place the 3 insults following:

“Bitcoin itself is an overly hyped fraud. (…) Cryptocurrency is a decentralized Ponzi scheme. (…) It’s a pet pebble. »

Twitter account @SquawkCNBC

At the same time, and in complete contrast to Jamie Dimon, his bank is preparing its own “JP Morgan Wallet”she performed her first DeFi transactions thanks to crypto projects AAVE and polygonand is a blockchain specialist (Onyx, Quorum) based on Ethereum. Obviously so: JP Morgan teams don’t listen at all their CEO regarding Bitcoin and cryptos. Unless it’s a beast and villain technological plunder ?

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