Bouly Junior Sambou: “Harry Kane, my integration into Wydad, my ambitions…”

Fiery and sympathetic, it is this contrast that determines the personality of Bouly Junior Sambou outside and on the field. The Senegalese striker who is inspired a lot by the English Harry Kane has just known his third club of his career with Wydad AC. The co-top scorer of the last Senegalese Ligue 1 exercise, in this interview with wiwsport, believes he has carved out his goal with the Moroccan club.

Maintenance !

Can you reconsider your transfer to Wydad AC?

It’s a big club, it knows how to impose in Africa and everyone respects it too. For me it’s a good step in my career. I think Wydad will serve as a springboard for me to later propel myself forward.

How was the approach?

I haven’t done a test. It was my agent who showed them videos of me and the leaders were immediately satisfied with what they saw. That’s all started from there. It was later that my agent called me to inform me of the situation but I explained to him that I had signed an additional year with the Jaraaf to allow them to have something in the event of a transfer. It was later that they called President Cheikh Seck, they talked to each other and eventually found common ground. They came back to me, we argued and I agreed to join them

How much is your transfer estimated? Can you confirm that Jaraaf collected more than 100 million?

Laughs, I can’t comment on that. I think the Jaraaf is in a better position to give you the exact numbers. It really concerns them, they negotiated my contract so it is up to them to answer this question.

How is your integration going?

Frankly, nothing to say. I can add that I have never had an integration problem since I started at EJ Fatick. Language is perhaps my only barrier since most players speak Arabic. It’s a little complicated. But when in football there is only one language, that of the field. Apart from that, I can say that I have no problems adapting. On the pitch, it’s up to me to adapt with the club’s style of play and I think I’ll be up to it.

How was your contact with your new teammates?

I found some very good, friendly guys there. Without exception, they opened all the doors for me. In all honesty, they largely contributed to my rapid integration.

Does it seem that the coach of Wydad AC was against your coming?

No, not even laughs. I have just been made aware. You know in our environment it’s very easy to spread rumors but in all honesty I have no problem with the coach. In any case, he never showed me a thing that could support these rumors. He welcomed me very well, as he did with the other recruits. I think that if this information were proven, I would not have the chance to play. As you can see, I did only one practice and the next day he called me into the group, it was on the first day. So if I wasn’t in his plans, I wouldn’t be integrated so soon. He would certainly wait for a confirmation from me. And yet I played my first minutes on my first call. The following game, I was already in the starting XI. Anyway, these are just rumours. Rest assured I am very well where I am Alhamdoulilah.

Wydad have great strikers, aren’t you afraid of the competition?

I’m a great striker too. I have confidence in myself and my potential. Competition is an added value, it will allow us to grow, to always give the best of ourselves, but I think it will be healthy. I would even be afraid to commit to a formation where there will be no competition. It makes us better and I am not afraid of that on the contrary.

How did you experience your first goal, scored during your first tenure?

It’s normal, because I have a role to score goals. I am a striker, I have to score goals. I am convinced that the leaders have confidence in me, so I had to give a good impression, especially for the start. I’m really happy to have opened my counter. I hope to continue this momentum.

What are your goals with Wydad?

Already, I want to give the maximum of myself. Helping my team to win its matches, win all possible trophies, whether in Morocco or in Africa. I also dream of finishing top scorer in the championship.

A European adventure does not tempt you?

I’m only in my first year. I will continue the work. I also don’t know what the future holds for me. I just want to talk about the present. I will try to give the best of myself. Do everything to maximize Wydad’s chances of winning more trophies. The rest I leave in the hands of God.

How did you experience the qualification of local lions in Chan, knowing that you participated in it?

Too happy and proud. I played the first leg in Dakar but unfortunately I had to join my new club to finalize my transfer. What prevented me from participating in the return match but frankly to be honest, I knew that my teammates were going to win this qualification. It could be read in our eyes, we had this determination to go all the way. It felt, it was enough to leave the group to realize it. I was convinced that we were going to break this curse. Because we already have a close-knit and hard-working group, good technicians. We were ready on all fronts. After qualifying, I celebrated as if I was with the team. I was very proud, really very proud. It coincided with my first game with Wydad but I was also thinking about them.

Have you contacted your lair teammates with the qualification?

Of course, right after my match with Wydad, I immediately sent a message in our Whatsapp group. It was very cool, we sang, danced together. We celebrated virtual qualification as it should be (laughs). I congratulate them. Frankly, we have a very good group and I hope we will go far.

What should be the objective of Senegal next to the chan?

As I said earlier, we have a good group, very great players. I know they will go all the way. Now we have to accompany them. Admittedly, there will be departures but that will not change much. Senegal has a large pool of players. Talented players who can win the cup and take it to Senegal. Pape Thiaw will also have time to rebuild a team, people are working, it must be said. I have no doubt about it, we will have the means to go all the way.

What is Bouly Sambou’s dream club?

Oh ! Laughs… My dream club is Chelsea. I would like to play there one day.

Which player are you inspired by?

Harry Kane, oh what a player. I love his style. I am inspired by him all day long. He’s my fan. I also like Lewandowski, he is a great striker who also inspires me. He’s a surface fox, I also love his way of playing and always trying to score goals.

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