Britons of cybersecurity nuggets at the first Montreal International Forum

Anozr Way, Defants, Glimpses, Hogo, Malizen, Nybble Security and Rubycat : these are the seven companies that will make up the delegation of seven participating companies located in the Brittany region, the 1er and November 2, 2022, at the first edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum in Montreal (Canada).

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A trip organized under the leadership of the Bretagne Commerce International business association (dependent on the Brittany region and the CCI Bretagne) which is an opportunity for these companies to meet potential economic partners on the North-Eastern market. -American.

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“The offer of Breton companies weighs nearly one billion euros in cumulative turnover, the turnover of the French sector being estimated at 7.3 billion euros., says Bretagne Commerce International. PMore than 75% of the players in the territory are SMEs in the European sense of the term and 80% of these companies generate less than €5 million in turnover. The average turnover of manufacturers in the sector in Brittany is between 6 and 10 million euros for an average workforce of 56 employees”.

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