Browse safely all year round with this low-cost VPN

When you browse the Internet, you are exposed to all kinds of dangers, between viruses, spyware, advertisements or the possibility that your data may be intercepted. With a VPN, especially NordVPN, you can put an end to all these threats. NordVPN offers you a secure and encrypted tunnel for your browsing, so that your activity remains private, and this VPN also includes anti-threat protection to protect you from viruses and other malware. In addition, thanks to its 5600 servers all over the world, NordVPN also allows you to connect virtually anywhere in the world. Finally, NordVPN is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS, and you can secure up to 6 devices with your subscription. So take advantage of NordVPN’s Black Friday offer, with up to 63% off and 3 months free on the 2-year subscription.

Black Friday is coming to NordVPN: take advantage of it now with up to -63% on your subscription

Safe browsing is yours with this low-cost VPN

NordVPN Black Friday offer is divided into three, to satisfy all needs.

  • The Ultimate offer, at 161.73 euros instead of 447.39 euros for two years, with 3 months free, NordVPN, NordLocker and NordPass included
  • The Advanced offer, at 126.63 euros instead of 285.66 euros for two years, with 3 months free, NordVPN and NordPass included
  • The Essential offer, at 99.63 euros instead of 223.83 euros for two years, with 3 months free, and NordVPN included.

As a reminder, NordPass is a cross-platform password manager, which allows you to synchronize and save your passwords securely, and NordLocker offers 1TB of storage in an encrypted cloud.

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