Bug of the lines that appear on the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro: we are moving forward

Bug of the lines that appear on the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro: we are moving forward

If you bought an iPhone 14 Pro Max or an iPhone 14 Pro, you are probably aware that a rather annoying technical problem has been affecting these same mobiles for several days now. Users complain of having to deal with horizontal lines that appear on the screen during startup. The intruders in question are yellow or green.

At the end of last December, Apple had fortunately reacted by explaining that it was working on a solution to be posted soon. But since then, no news. This was without counting on recent information from our colleagues at MacRumors. According to this, a memo from the firm at the apple confirms once again that its technicians are on the bridge. No precise date concerning a possible update is however published for the moment, which does not change.

No technical issues

With this, MacRumors explains that Apple still assures that the bug is indeed software order and therefore does not touch the screen directly, contrary to what some might have thought. Excellent news, especially when you know that the price to replace the slab of the models concerned is very high.

Count 405 euros for the OLED display of the iPhone 14 Pro if you do not have AppleCare + insurance, or 29 euros with protection. A price that rises to 489 euros for an iPhone 14 Pro Max (identical price with AppleCare + for the 6.7-inch size). Approved shops often offer more advantageous amounts.

No reason to panic

Good to know, too: this bug is certainly perhaps unpleasant for our peepers, but does not cause any damage to the affected iPhones. There is therefore no no need to go to the Apple Store to notify customer service again, who are already aware and will not be able to provide any further assistance.

Apple working on a patch, so all you have to do is wait to see it land. Since this week, iOS 16.3 is in second beta but still no sign of the fix in question here. The final version is expected before the end of January.

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