Bus crash at Kenya-Uganda border: 21 dead

Bus crash at Kenya-Uganda border: 21 dead

Twenty-one people were killed in a bus crash on the Kenya-Uganda border, Ugandan police said on Sunday.

Regional police spokesman Rogers Taitika said the accident took place on Saturday evening. The majority of those who died are of Kenyan nationality but there are also eight Ugandans. According to him, 49 people were injured.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the driver would have lost control of the vehicle due to excessive speed.

The bus made the connection between the Ugandan town of Mbale and the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The accident took place in the Kenyan town of Lwakhakha, just over the border with Uganda.

Traffic accidents are common in Africa and the Ugandan government is planning new measures to improve road safety after a spike in fatalities during the holiday season.

According to the Ugandan police, 104 road accidents were recorded in just three days, from December 30 to January 1, leaving 35 dead and 114 injured.

Last week, a bus rammed a stationary truck near the town of Gulu in northern Uganda, killing 16 people.

And in West Africa, 38 people were killed overnight from Saturday to Sunday and 87 injured in a collision between two buses in Senegal, according to firefighters.