C&A closes several of its Belgian city center stores

C&A closes several of its Belgian city center stores

Faced with a difficult situation, the chain of clothing stores C&A has decreed the closure of several of its facilities in Belgium.

A woman walking past a clothing store ©BelgaImage

The ready-to-wear brand C&A is closing several of its stores in the city center. The number is not specified, writes De Tijd on Saturday.

A society in turmoil

The Dutch channel is experiencing difficulties in its Belgian market. This year, 80 jobs have already been lost there, according to the Christian union ACV. At the European headquarters in Zaventem, of the 400 people who worked there, 32 were dismissed and 10 left on a voluntary basis. Now, 40 other employees have lost or will lose their jobs due to the official or upcoming closure of eight stores.

The company says it is busy with a “modernization strategy“. The total number of stores that will close and jobs that will disappear is not disclosed.”We don’t want to create tension“, says spokesperson Eva Van Elst. The Christian union says it does not know either how many shops will close. However, it says it is satisfied with the way the company is handling the closures, offering when it is possible for staff to work in another nearby store.