Cadillac revives the famous Goddess with the new Celestiq

Cadillac revives the famous Goddess with the new Celestiq

The Flying Lady is to Rolls-Royce what the Goddess is to Cadillac. And the latter will return to the next electric of the American brand.

The emblems placed on the grille far in front of the eyes of the passengers have always been the ultimate symbols of luxury and ostentation. The Spirit of Ecstasy (also known as the Flying Lady) at the base of Rolls-Royce hoods is the most famous of these symbols. But we could also mention the jaguar from the eponymous brand, the winged B from Bentley, the eagle from Alvis, the stork from Hispano-Suiza or the Goddess from Cadillac. It is now making a comeback on electric Cadillacs.

Ornament of American limousines from 1933 to 1956, the Goddess has since fallen into oblivion, its presence no longer being absolutely necessary on modern cars, especially which have become much less luxurious. But Cadillac is now returning to the world of rhinestones and sequins with the new Celestial. An opportunity to revive the Goddess.

A half-hearted return to the Cadillac Goddess

But this one won’t come back on the slightly drooping hood of the Cadillac Celestiq. Probably more for stylistic than really aerodynamic reasons. Cadillac therefore prefers a more modest choice, with a few evocations here and there. It is thus found on the side aluminum plate, on the wheel of the central console or above the charging port, lighting up depending on the state.

It was Richard Wiquist who was in charge of sculpting this new Goddess, with research that is like poetry. Inspired by the emblem of the illustrious V16-powered Cadillacs, she casts her gaze forward and throws herself into the future, her arms outstretched and dressed in a flowing sheet evoking the brand’s past and heritage. An entire program.

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Cadillac revives the famous Goddess with the new Celestiq