CAN 2025 as a transition issue for Guinea

A mission from the Confederation of African Football was in Guinea on Wednesday. Purpose of the visit to obtain from Conakry the guarantees relating to the organization of the African Cup of Nations football in 2025. A bet for a country in the grip of a political and perhaps financial crisis. But CAF still plays the card of optimism.

“We did not come to withdraw the organization from Guinea. We came to see the proposals, if Guinea has any proposals to make to us to convince CAF to always trust it for the organization of this CAN 2025. “, Explain Mathurin De Chacus, member of the CAF inspection mission.

Conakry immediately presented the inspectors with its strong argument; political will. The president of the Guinean transition would have made the organization of this competition a national priority.

“The president of the transition Colonel Mamady Doumbouya made it one of his transition levers today by saying that if there is only one thing that we will have achieved during this transition, if it is the organization of this event (African Cup of Nations 2025 Editor’s note), we will have succeeded in our transition. It is true that we have fallen behind, but this delay that we have taken in the past, in eight months, has been in a dynamic process in which we have made enormous progress. And all the means of the nation will be made available to take up the challenge and to succeed in this great challenge. Lansana Bea DialloGuinean Minister of Sports.

Tuesday, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya signed a decree on the priority nature of expenses related to the organization of the CAN. So that Guinea does not lose its CAN, the possibility of postponing the competition to 2026 or 2027 is also already mentioned.

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