Can we get a refund when our flight is canceled due to a strike?

As a new strike by French traffic controllers looms at the end of the month and follows that of September 16 which caused the cancellation of more than 2,400 flights across Europe, a question arises: how to claim a flight refund?

A strike against inflation

The results of the strike led by the French air traffic controllers on Friday, September 16 are quite substantial: more than 45 minutes late per flight and 2,400 trips canceled. Figures published Monday by the traffic monitoring body Eurocontrol while a new strike should see the light of day at the end of the month.

According to Eurocontrol, 28,967 flights took place last Friday, against 31,450 the day before. Over the whole week, the daily average was 29,438 flights per day, or 2.2% less compared to the previous week. The strike was launched by the National Union of Air Traffic Controllers (SNCTA) to demand salary increases in the face of inflation, but also an acceleration of recruitment.

How to get a refund

As a general rule, when canceling your flight, it is up to you and not the company to seek a refund. You have to make “a claim for compensation directly with the airline’s customer service department”, one can read in particular on public service website.

This request must be made by registered letter or directly online on the company’s website. It is recommended to enclose with your request any information relating to your reservation (ticket, boarding pass, luggage tags, etc.). the European Consumer Center highlights on its site the links leading to the reimbursement forms of each company.

Is it always advantageous?

If your flight is cancelled, you must be reimbursed. You can also benefit from certain damages “if this cancellation has caused you particular harm (financial and / or moral)”, explains the government site. The company responsible for your flight is obliged to offer you two things: either rerouting under similar transport conditions, or a lump sum compensation of up to 600 euros for the most distant flights.

According to Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF): “If you opt for re-routing, the airline must cover all of your hotel and catering costs until you arrive at your final destination. You are also entitled to two telephone calls. »

On the other hand, be careful if you choose to be reimbursed, the company owes nothing else: all the costs incurred will be at your expense. So, it is better to think carefully before choosing the reimbursement to choose the conditions that are the most advantageous for you.

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