Can you claim the fuel energy check, which comes into effect in November?

“A fuel check can be requested, from November 8, on the website”, indicated the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal in an interview with West France at the beginning of October. This exceptional energy check is aimed at the most modest households, which heat with fuel oil.

A device that complements the extension of the tariff shield put in place by the government in 2023, to deal with soaring energy prices.

1.6 million households affected

The amount of this energy check will be 100 to 200 €, “according to household income and composition”, specifies the site The aid of 200 € will be paid “for the 20% of the poorest households for which the reference tax income per consumption unit is strictly less than €10,800”. For households “whose reference tax income per consumption unit is between €10,800 and €17,400”, it will be a check for 100 €, specifies the site of the French administration.

To find out if a household is eligible for the fuel oil energy cheque, simply go to the website and make a simulation request for aid.

For those who have already filled up with fuel for the winter, don’t panic, the check “can be used to pay electricity bills”, said the Minister of Public Accounts.

According to the Public Service site, this device concerns 1.6 million households using this type of heating.

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