Chart: World Cup: Qatar’s pharaonic spending

In November 2022, Qatar will be the smallest state to host a major sporting event on the scale of the FIFA World Cup. soccer. As our chart shows, the Persian Gulf principality is also (by far) the country that has invested the most money in organizing such an event. As shown by the data relayed by Front Office Sportsthe expenses incurred by Qatar to host the competition are pharaonic: around 220 billion dollars.

By way of comparison, the costs associated with the organization of the last two World Cups (2018 and 2014) amounted to between 12 and 15 billion dollars for the host countries, respectively Russia and Brazil. Due to a relatively high level of existing infrastructure, the previous ones to have taken place in Europe cost even less to host, i.e. between 2 and 4 billion dollars for France in 1998 and Germany in 2006.

In detail, a large part of the infrastructure costs of the 2022 World Cup falls within the framework of the Qatar 2030 plan, in which the construction of hotels, underground transport and airports is planned. Expenditure directly related to the construction of the new stadiums used for the competition would be between 6.5 and 10 billion dollars. Of the eight stadiums hosting matches, only one was already in use before the award of the World Cup in Qatar in 2010.

Located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula, the small Emirate experienced strong economic growth from the 1980s, later becoming one of the countries with the GDP per capita the highest in the world. In search of diplomatic recognition and influence, Qatar has for several years been carrying out massive investments in the sport. The wealth of the country, highly dependent on oil and gas revenues, remains however highly concentrated in the hands of the ruling families. Very conservative on the social level, these circles are regularly singled out in terms of respect for human rights, as recently regarding the situation of workers on World Cup sites. According Amnesty Internationalthe country has 1.7 million migrant workers (more than 90% of the national workforce) and many cases of abuse and exploitation have been reported.

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