Chevrolet Announces Imminent Presentation of Corvette E-Ray Hybrid

Chevrolet Announces Imminent Presentation of Corvette E-Ray Hybrid

Chevrolet has announced the presentation date of the hybrid Corvette. The E-Ray, that’s its name, shows up quickly in a teaser while waiting for next Tuesday.

Indeed, the American sports car in its hybrid version will be shown on January 17, 2023. Chevrolet announced it with a film on Instagram, in which we see the Corvette C8 in a blue tint.

We also see a selection of driving modes, including Normal and Stealth. The latter is a 100% electric mode which will be available among others, such as a probable Sport mode. The car drives on snow and ice, before arriving in an urban landscape.

The slogan of the car, “One Like None”, then appears. This one means “One like no other”. The little that we see of the car in this video does not allow us to notice aesthetic changes.

The date of January 17 is not innocent, because it will mark the 70th anniversary of the first prototype of the Corvette. It was indeed on January 17, 1953 that the first generation was born, at the Motorama festival in New York.

We do not yet know what the characteristics of this Corvette E-Ray will be. On the other hand, we know that it will be joined later in its range by an electric SUV of the same nameand also by a ‘zero emission’ version of the C8.

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