China holds India responsible for renewed border tensions

China holds India responsible for renewed border tensions

AA / Istanbul / Riyadh al-Khaliq

China’s military on Tuesday held India responsible for renewed tensions on the border between the two countries, accusing Indian forces of “illegally” crossing the disputed border line.

“The Indian army has arrested the Chinese patrols for attempting to illegally cross the line of control in Dongchang district,” said Lung Shao-hua, spokesman for the Chinese army.

He added that the border issue should be handled professionally and efficiently, calling for maintaining stability and peace in the border area between the two countries.

“We call on the Indian side to rigorously control and contain the forces on the front line,” he continued.

The Chinese statements come after India reported that the Chinese military attempted to ‘unilaterally change the status quo’, on the Line of Actual Control (between the two countries) in the northeastern province of Arunachal Pradesh .

Earlier in the day, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told parliament that Chinese soldiers had attempted on December 9 ‘to encroach on the line of actual control in the Yangtze district of Tawang’. ‘ in Arunachal Pradesh. An attempt, according to him, intercepted by Indian forces.

The ensuing confrontation led to clashes, Singh said, as the Indian army bravely repelled the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Last week’s incident marks the first major clash between the two armies since June 2020. On that date, at least 20 Indian soldiers and 4 Chinese soldiers were killed in the Ladakh region, located on the mountain peaks of Kashmir in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir.

It should be noted that the situation on the Sino-Indian border has calmed down after several rounds of talks.

India and China share an unmarked border of 3,800 km. Their forces have previously adhered to long-standing agreements to avoid the use of arms along the de facto border, commonly known as the “line of actual control”.

China and India fought a war in 1962 over the long disputed border between the two countries.

*Translated from Arabic by Hajer Cherni

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