Choosing the iPad Pro M2 won’t be enough to shoot ProRes videos

The 2022 iPad Pro specs are the most powerful of all Apple tablets. Among its advantages is the possibility of recording videos with the file format ProRes in 4K up to thirty frames per second. With the model only having 128GB of internal storage however, the device will be limited to 1080p with the same frame rate.

Except that in fact… The app Camera which is automatically installed on the iPad Pro M2 does not offer to shoot in ProRes. Nor even by going to delve into its most advanced parameters. Difficult to explain, especially since Apple did not specify what was hidden behind the absence of this feature even though its official site speaks about it.

An alternative in the App Store

The good news is that while ProRes videos aren’t actually accessible from the Camera app, they are actually accessible through third-party clients. This is particularly the case with the excellent FiLMiC Pro, already seen at work when it comes to making quality short films with a high-end tablet from Apple.

Let’s bet that other editors also plan to get up to speed, especially since Cupertino provides all the data necessary for the development of this kind of solution. As for the native availability of ProRes, know that you can take advantage of it on other products from the Apple firm such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro.

Choose the iPad Pro for filmmaking

Today, the iPad Pro is perhaps the best for the post-production mobile. With a more portable format than a MacBook Pro, the tablet is now powered by the even more powerful M2 chip than the previous generation. And for good reason: this processor now supports hardware acceleration for ProRes and ProRes RAW formats, which was not the case with the iPad Pro M1. An encoding engine dedicated to these standards is also included.

However, it will be necessary to pay the price: count €1,069 for the basic version with an 11-inch screen, for at least 1,469 euros with a 12.9-inch panel.

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