Cities where Tim Hortons products were consumed the most in Canada

Cities where Tim Hortons products were consumed the most in Canada

The Canadian chain of fast food restaurants Tim Hortons unveiled the list of its most popular products across the country via press release on Thursday.

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Tim Hortons, owned by Restaurants Brands International, analyzed 2022 financial results to see which cities had the highest per capita sales.

Among the products analyzed, we find the worker’s morning wrap, the delight wrap, the infused tea, the Iced Tim, the espresso, the latte, the Americano, the tea latte and the RafraîchiTim.

Only one Quebec city appears on the list. It is in Dorval where lattes were consumed the most per capita.

As for other products, here is a brief list compiled by Tim.

  • Worker’s Morning Wrap – Port Hope, Ontario
  • Wrap-Delight – Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
  • Brewed Tea – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
  • TimGlacé – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  • Espresso Shot – Windsor, Ontario
  • Americano – Langford, British Columbia
  • Tea Latte – Prince George, British Columbia
  • Original Blend Coffee – Miramichi, New Brunswick
  • Refreshed Tim – Timmins, Ontario

Note that it is in Calgary, Alberta, where canned soups were purchased the most on a per capita basis.