Citymapper and client for Reddit Apollo make smart use of the Dynamic Island

Apple is doing some repairs for the Dynamic Island. In a blog post, Cupertino has shed light on a few apps that make smart use of this new dynamic area exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. If we have already mentioned some of them in our selectiontwo of them had passed under our radar.

At the top, Citymapper’s live activity on the locked screen. Below, the same thing in the Dynamic Island.

The app Citymapper offers to find the best route via a multitude of modes of transport. It can now show the next step of your journey directly on the lock screen or in the Dynamic Island.

With a new Live Activity, Citymapper can quickly let you know how long you have to wait for the next bus, how many stops you have left on the metro, and let you know when to get off. A countdown appears, for example to warn you that the bus will be there in 10 minutes.

Having this information accessible from several new places is a real plus for the user: he will no longer need to switch between apps just to take a look at his waiting time. ” The idea is that you can keep reading, playing your game, or doing what you’re doing. while waiting for your transport, explains a developer. The function is included in the Pro subscription to Citymapper, billed at €3 per month or €20 per year.

Other app highlighted by Apple: Apollo for Reddit. The Dynamic Island can now display live replies to a thread chosen by the user. ” The dynamic island automatically refreshes and shows you new content and comments as they arrive “, explains the developer.

For example, you can follow a series in an app while reading the comments of other viewers via the Dynamic Island. When the pill is in standard mode, it displays the number of replies on a thread. A long press brings up the most liked comment.

We can also use it in a more practical way, for example to be immediately alerted in the event of an answer to a question on the locked screen. This new feature requires the Apollo Pro in-app purchase, billed at €5.99 as a one-time purchase.


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