clashes between herders and farmers leave 17 dead

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At least 17 people have died in southeastern Chad in clashes between herders and farmers, Anadolu Agency learned from local authorities on Thursday.

The violence broke out on Tuesday, September 13, when a “herd of oxen invaded the fields of breeders. This ignited the powder triggering a first clash with a death toll of around 17 in the locality of Kyabé in the department of Lac Iro, province of Moyen-Chari”, indicated to the Anadolu Agency by telephone, the governor of the province, General Ali Ahamat Akabache.

“The violence that erupted on Tuesday continued on Wednesday. We also recorded several wounded including gendarmes who were dispatched to the area to restore order. The victims were evacuated to the Kyabé district hospital”, noted Nardji Samson, brigade commander of Kyabé, a locality located in south-eastern Chad, 800 km by road from N’Djamena.

Thursday morning, the situation was calm thanks to the mediation of the local authorities, added the governor of the province.

Intercommunity conflicts are recurrent in certain provinces of Chad.

Last June, eleven other people were killed in clashes between herders and farmers in the locality of Berem, in the department of Kabbia, province of Mayo-Kebbi Est.

In a report published in July 2021, the UN announced that the inter-community clashes in Chad would have left 309 dead and 182 injured, more than 6,500 displaced, in addition to the destruction of property and means of subsistence, as well as very high tensions. between communities.

In order to put an end to these conflicts, the UN proposes the identification of “long-term solutions to meet the needs of herders, farmers and the population in general in terms of availability and access to natural resources and services. “.

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