Clasquin: gross sales margin improves further – 09/14/2022 at 11:11

( – Clasquin reported last night a strong increase in its gross margin for the first half after growth already considered “exceptional” in 2021.

The specialist in air and maritime transport engineering saw its gross profit margin, its main indicator of activity, climb by 38.5% to 71.8 million euros over the first six months of the year.

The logistics group emphasizes that this increase comes on top of the 60% growth it had already managed to generate last year.

Its net income group share thus increased to 12.9 million euros in the first half, against 6.5 million euros over the same period last year.

In its press release, Clasquin indicates that it has thus continued to improve its financial situation during the first half, with a cash flow which now reaches 23.2 million euros against 13.5 million euros a year ago.

Regarding the outlook for its market, the group warns that the WTO could once again revise its estimates downwards given the sharp rise in inflation partly linked to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The WTO currently expects growth of 2.4% to 3% in international trade volumes this year, against 4.7% at the start of the year.

Listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, Clasquin shares rose 3.4% following this publication.


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