Closing of the tunnel: a reduction in fares at the Longueuil metro requested

Closing of the tunnel: a reduction in fares at the Longueuil metro requested

An association that campaigns for public transit is calling for a reduction in the price of passage to the Longueuil metro so that it is the same as on the island of Montreal, in particular in anticipation of the work on the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel.

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While it costs more to take the metro from Longueuil, free shuttles to the Radisson metro will be offered to users to compensate for the lane closures in the tunnel that connects Montreal to the South Shore.

“Public authorities are sending a contradictory signal by offering free shuttles to the Radisson metro, but maintaining a fare increase for metro users in Longueuil,” said Jean-Michel Laliberté, spokesperson for the Association pour le transportcollective. of the South Shore (ATCRS).

The latter also explains that, since the fare overhaul, the queues are endless at this station, because of the difficulties related to the OPUS cards.

“The queues at the Longueuil metro have been endless since the redesign. People try to buy metro tickets with their usual OPUS card and they can’t. The STM has even put up posters at ticket offices urging patience. We are far from encouraging people to use the service,” lamented Mr. Laliberté, who judges that an integrated title at $4.50 could have been integrated, without however increasing the prices for users who only take the subway.