Clowd – minimalist screen capture and recording tool for Windows

Clown is a minimalist screen capture and recording tool. Minimalist does not mean that there are few functions, quite the contrary. This software is free and its code is freely accessible at this address. Discreet, it is placed in the Windows status bar when you are not using it and it is activated when you press the ” imp. Screen“. But the best is yet to come…

Features of Clowd

💻 Region capture

Clowd uses the Direct3D library to be fast and very responsive in all circumstances. Like any software in this category, it can take a simple capture of your entire screen. With the mouse wheel, you can zoom in and out of any part of your screen to precisely select the area to capture. For those in a hurry, the tool can be used entirely on the keyboard thanks to customizable shortcuts and it has an automatic window selection function.

📼 Video recorder

Also, you can easily record videos of your screen, with the sound of your speaker output and/or your microphone (or even without sound). You can also configure the tool to highlight your mouse clicks on the video. Moreover, you will be able to draw or add notes on the screen while recording. The final file can be saved in MKV, MP4 or GIF format. Finally, you can save your videos locally (on your hard drive) or send them to an online hosting service.

video - Clowd - minimalist screen capture and recording tool for Windows

📝 Image editor

Clowd also embeds an image editor. The latter is intended to be simplistic, so that you can make quick changes: save, revert, reload a previous version, copy to the clipboard, upload to the web or simply save the image to your PC. Everything is possible 😊

image - Clowd - minimalist screen capture and recording tool for Windows

👌 Color picker

You will also be able to select any color on the screen with the screenshot feature. Press the key H when your cursor is over the desired color. This then opens a color palette that tells you the hexadecimal (HEX) code of the chosen color, but also RGB and HSL. If necessary, the color palette can also be opened from the status bar, by clicking on the Clowd icon.

color - Clowd - minimalist screen capture and recording tool for Windows

✨ Draw on screen

Clowd allows you to draw on your screen, live! It’s quite handy when recording a video or even when sharing a screen in a videoconference.

👌 Send anything to the Cloud

Clowd allows you to send your screenshots and video recordings to hosting services in one click… But it is also able to do so with the files already present on your computer! Fill in the host in the settings, then choose Upload with Clowd directly from Windows Explorer! The URL is then automatically copied to your clipboard. Clowd is compatible with Azure Storage, BackBlaze B2,, hastebin, and

upload - Clowd - minimalist screen capture and recording tool for Windows


Previously, I used Greenshot and it suited me… but its use was limited (no video for example) and I found it a bit cumbersome on a daily basis. Also, its development seems to be at a standstill (even if this year, 3 “unstable” versions have still been released), the last stable version is more than 4 years old. Finally, for some actions, Greenshot was long, very long… For example, retrieving the history could take up to 10 minutes. At this speed, I was quicker to take a new screenshot (when possible).

Now I use Clowd daily. It is very fast, it has many features and the opening of the history is immediate. Another very significant thing, its creator is very present on Github and Discord. He responds quickly to questions you may have about using Clowd and he listens to feature requests! The only downside to Clowd (for some) is that it only works on Windows.

If you want to try it and adopt it, you can download it directly via this link or from Official github.

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