Club: At PSG, there is the eleven and the others… for the moment?

If he refuses to mention substitutes and speaks of “incoming”, coach Christophe Galtier has nevertheless marked, via his distribution of playing time, a strong distinction between his starting lineup and the players on the bench . A segmentation necessarily brought to evolve.

After a Pochettino era where the coach never fielded the same team twice in a row, it is an understatement to say that the start of the Galtier era marks a strong break. The new coach relies above all on a very defined and practically immutable starting lineup, the one still lined up Tuesday evening against Juventus Turin (2-1): Donnarumma in goal, Ramos, Marquinhos and Kimpembe behind, Mendes and Hakimi on the wings, Vitinha and Verratti in midfield and the untouchable trio Neymar, Messi, Mbappé in attack.

The holders share 80 of the 88 places in the starting lineup

Few have been able to shake up this very established starting lineup: Sarabia three times, Danilo twice, and only one tenure each for Renato Sanches, Bernat and Mukiele. That is 8 tenures out of the 88 places that were available at the start of the first eight matches of the Galtier era. Among the linings announced at the start of the season, some have not even smelled the smell of kick-off, like Hugo Ekitike. Although he arrived late, Fabian Ruiz has not yet played a single minute.

The big difference in playing time

We logically find this predominance of the starting lineup in the distribution of playing time: three players have played all of the first eight matches, or almost: Donnarumma (720 minutes), Marquinhos (717) and Messi (704). In the indisputable holders, the two who have played the least are finally Kylian Mbappé (509 minutes) and Vitinha (490) for simple reasons: the French missed the first two matches when the Portuguese missed one for suspension and is often the first to leave, in particular in Nantes on injury.

This discrepancy in playing time is also reflected in the numbers: Galtier’s least-used starter, Vitinha, played almost twice as much as most-used substitute Danilo, with 490 minutes compared to 250. And there there is less difference between the same Vitinha and the most used player, Donnarumma, than between Vitinha and Danilo: the goalkeeper has played 230 minutes more than the midfielder when there are 240 more minutes given to the younger of the two Portuguese circles.

Places to take that will inevitably appear

With the sequence of games, playing times will logically smooth out and be better distributed. The sequence of matches against Toulouse and Nantes has thus offered players like Danilo, Bernat and Mukiele their first tenure of the season, which suggests that the recent sequence of matches will inevitably push the Parisian coach to inject more blood. costs. From this Saturday against Brest, Carlos Soler is expected in the starting lineup.

Galtier’s strategy at the start of the season is in any case very clear: to work on his automatisms in the starting lineup, even if it means practically not playing those who will be useful as the season progresses. It is now up to them to show that they deserve better.

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