Colgate creates products for astronauts with NASA

Colgate creates products for astronauts with NASA

When astronauts fly into space and are about to spend a certain number of days there, they need all the products necessary for daily life. Food is obviously one of the most important things. Care products too. However, we must admit that we do not brush our teeth in space in the same way as on Earth. Neither the other parts of the body for that matter. That’s why Colgate-Palmolive is working with NASA to try to make life for astronauts a little easier. Using new technologies, it is a question of allowing them to take care of themselves, whether they are going on a short or long mission!

Colgate-Palmolive and NASA together for astronauts

Astronauts brush their teeth with the same toothpaste that we find in our supermarkets. But if it is possible to dedicate products to them to make things easier for them, it is not a refusal on their part. This is why NASA allows the Mark of oral care and body care products to use the International Space Station, or ISS, to try out its new technologies. And why not allow him to find other ways to make their lives easier. Colgate-Palmolive will therefore perhaps take off soon with the astronauts to put an end to these difficulties.

Photo credit: Instagram @nasa

Effective products on Earth and in space

As for space, it is necessary to set aside products that are difficult to use because of weightlessness. This is why it is a question of offering them oral care as well as for the skin with low water content. It should also be noted that the packaging must be durable and take up as little space as possible. Note that if the new products are effective in the air, there is a good chance that they will also be effective on Earth! Indeed, among the challenges that appear for space products, these are those expected of most of our products, given the current ecological situation.

Colgate creates products for astronauts with NASA
Photo credit: Colgate-Palmolive