Connected glasses: ActiveLook display technology now compatible with Apple Watch

Compatible with several connected and sports watches, ActiveLook technology is integrated into connected sunglasses such as Eyewear Engo-1, Julbo Evad-1 and Cosmo Connected. It consists of projecting various information onto one of the two lenses, in particular sports metrics, in order to have the data sent by the watch or smartphone permanently in front of your eyes. This avoids having to handle a device during physical activity (cycling, running, etc.), for greater safety and so as not to break the rhythm.

Just a few days after the presentation of the latest watches Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra, the company MicroOled has just announced that its ActiveLook platform is compatible with Apple Watch. Compatibility with the watchOS 9 operating system more precisely, which therefore concerns all Apple Watches since the Series 4.

New metrics before the eyes

For runners, watchOS 9 adds several metrics such as stride length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation and power. So much new data that can now be displayed by glasses operating with ActiveLook technology and which are added to the classic pace and heart rate data, for example.

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