Conte does not take off on arbitration

Tottenham coach Antonio Conte again got angry in front of journalists on the arbitration decisions unfavorable to the London club, last Wednesday against Sporting Portugal (1-1, 5th day of the group stage of the Champions League ).

Antonio Conte don’t give up. Two days after his outburst in front of the mediaafter the draw against Sporting Portugal in the Champions League (1-1, 5th day of the group stage), the coach of Tottenham hit the nail. Facing the press on Friday, the Italian coach again criticized the choices made by the refereeing body against the Portuguese, firstly the goal of English striker Harry Kane refused after additional time for an offside position (95th ).

“It is impossible to make mistakes with VAR”

“I have not changed my mind. I think I was very clear after the match about what I said and confirmed what I said. It’s simple. My feeling about the situation is the same. I repeat that the decision was really bad. I still think it’s impossible to make mistakes with VAR. You have the screen, you have the time. It is impossible to make mistakes for these reasons. For me, it’s impossible to make a bad decision with VAR. And making everyone wait for five or six minutes means you have confusion in your mind. Against Newcastle, it was impossible to see Callum Wilson not blocking Hugo Lloris. It was so clear. Another big mistake. We are talking about such clear situations. I hope to see honesty in every situation. Making mistakes with VAR, I don’t mean what I think.”

In the Champions League, the Spurs will aim for a qualification for the round of 16 on the occasion of the 6th and last day of the group stage on the ground of Olympique de Marseille, next Tuesday. Tottenham sit first in Group D with eight points.

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