Coursan’s Republican Harmony is doing very well for a dean

The doyenne of local associations, led by the indestructible Jean Boyer, held its 146th general assembly.

In the presence of the deputy mayor, Katie Boutié, and the departmental councilor, Séverine Mateille, Jean Boyer launched the debates with a moral report, certainly short, but firm and passionate, that of an active president, not hyperpresent, but aware of everything.

The secretary, Natacha Bosco, was delighted to finally detail a year full of activities after two difficult years thanks to desks supplied and motivated. Indeed, with 55 members, arrival of new musicians, return of old ones, and “ shadow men “, essential support, the results are very positive. To his credit, concerts of the Sainte-Cécile (twice) of Armissan, National Day, Telethon, bodega of fiesta and bandas, and especially a successful festival of harmony which will be now declined every two years.The activity is recovering more than honorably.

A new axis is now privileged, that of communication with a new site, a presence on the networks, an active manager, Bruno, an official photographer, Daniel. The purchase and the maintenance of the material, as well as the change of statutes made necessary administratively, were voted. The conductor Christelle Thiel, who pushes the musicians to the maximum and makes them progress in levels that they would never have hoped for themselves, was warmly thanked.

The accounts presented with humor but serious by Jean-Michel Berville are perfect. With cash a year ahead, Harmony can see it coming. The election to the board of directors with two new ones was approved and in the process the office was renewed with Jean Boyer as president, Natacha Bosco as secretary and Jean-Michel Berville as treasury.

The elected officials wanted to congratulate the volunteers without whom nothing would be possible. They highlighted the beautiful conviviality that reigns within this association which perfectly succeeds in the difficult amalgamation between music, friendship, and relaxation, while keeping a musical seriousness, in order to offer quality concerts.