CR7 case…Fernando Santos empties his bag!

CR7 case…Fernando Santos empties his bag!

On the eve of World Cup quarter-final against MoroccoFernando Santos did not escape questions about Cristiano Ronaldo at a press conference.

By landing this Friday in front of the media, the Portuguese coach obviously expected to have to respond to rumors about CR7’s state of mind. While the Portuguese press, Record in the lead, affirms bluntly that the fivefold Ballon d’Or almost slammed the door of the selection when he learned of his non-tenure against Switzerland (6-1) last Tuesday in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar, Fernando Santos has fiercely denied these allegations. “He never threatened to leave. Now we should stop the arguments. On the day of the match he warmed up, with his colleagues he celebrated the goals, he applauded, he invited his teammates to thank his supporters. You have to leave him alone now”said the Portuguese coach.

A frank discussion between the two men

The star of the Portuguese selection learned the news a few hours before the kick-off of this confrontation against Switzerland. Fernando Santos obviously took care to explain his choice to Cristiano Ronaldo. “Yes we had a conversation, it would have been counterproductive not to have this conversation. I have conversations with my players. It was essential that we speak, he is the captain, for what he represents, for the selection, I had to speak to him”he admitted.

A crushing blow for Ronaldo

Very surprised by this decision, Cristiano Ronaldo tried to change his coach’s mind before accepting this decision. “I explained to him why he would not play, the reasons for his non-establishment so that he would not be surprised. I told him that I had to keep him for the second half. He was obviously not happy, it was unprecedented for him. He asked me if I was sure it was a good idea. I explained my vision to him, he accepted it”he concluded.