Craig Wright trial: soon the last plea in Norway

Forensic truth and cryptos – The conflict has been going on for more than three years. A judge in Norway will soon have to deliver a verdict in the ongoing trial between Hodlonaut and Craig Wright.

Craig Wright versus Hodlonaut: the origins of the skirmish

The keys to the case are now in the hands of the Norwegian judge, as Craig Wright was unable to provide his. In the absence of being able to present irrefutable evidence about the fact that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the Australian computer scientist chained legal arm wrestling against people who dare to say out loud, what most think quietly – laughing, getting angry, or surprised at his assertions.

We are in March 2019. The twitto Hodlonaut, real name Magnus Granath, calls Craig Wright a fraudster, in its publications on the social network. The self-proclaimed founder of Bitcoin (BTC) retaliates by sending him his lawyers, in order to demand that Hodlonaut withdraw his tweets, apologize to him, and recognize in court that Mr. is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto.

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I am Satoshi Nakamoto: the record is scratched, and hard trampled

Nevertheless, Craig Wright may not have anticipated the nature of the opposing party’s counteroffensive, which decided to bring him a trial in a Norwegian court. In court, Hodlonaut’s lawyers defend at least three main ideas.

They called it ” not credible ” and of ” prank call the Australian computer scientist’s claims that he was Satoshi Nakamoto. The story he served of a trampled hard drive, which was supposed to contain the keys proving he was Satoshi Nakamoto, but which he ultimately destroyed in 2016 so he wouldn’t have to prove he had the keys, could have been funny. But the shortest jokes are the best.

CraigWright or the Satoshi Nakamoto (or almost) without the keys to Bitcoin.

Hodlonaut’s lawyers are also trying to argue that the term ” fraud causing this contention, is appropriate and that the right to use this word is protected by the Norwegian constitution. They further argue that the hashtag #CraigWrightIsAFraud existed well before 2019, and that their client would therefore not be the person who would be causing damage to the defendant’s reputation.

Craig Wright’s lawyers will present their closing statements on September 21. If the Aussie loses that case, the judge’s decision may or may not impact the other libel suit he has brought against Hodlonaut in the UK.

The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto who stomped on his hard drives, had ” won “recently a legal battle, with a taste of defeat by winning only 1 symbolic bookversus Peter McCormackwho also called him ” liar ” and of ” fraudster “. Despite this decision, the British High Court judge understood that the claimant to the title of founder of Bitcoin had “ presented deliberately false evidence “. Towards an bis repetita in Norway?

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