crazy price on the Echo Dot 5 connected speaker

Barely out of the design office and the manufacturing workshops, the latest addition to the Echo Dot family is already benefiting from a colossal discount on the occasion of Black Friday.

Usually sold at 59.99 euros, Amazon takes advantage of Black Friday to offer the new 5th generation Echo Dot at the incredible price of 24.99 euros, a discount of 58%. Connected to the internet through your Wi-Fi network, the Echo Dot allows you to take advantage of all the knowledge accompanied by all the potential of Alexa artificial intelligence.

Thus, by simple voice request, you can request that your favorite music be played, obtain weather information and many other things. Beyond that, the Echo Dot voice commands your home lights and all compatible products. This includes more complex routines depending on your habits.

The Echo Dot 5 has just been released and is already enjoying Black Friday!

If the 5th generation Echo Dot takes over all the features of the old model, it undergoes some improvements and embeds new sensors. We will begin to notice the presence of a new, better quality speaker that goes from 1.6 to 1.73 inches, which makes it possible to obtain much better quality bass. The small connected speaker now has a temperature sensor which allows you, of course, to know the latter at any time, but also to automatically control your heating or ventilation system according to it. An accelerometer will also find its place on the Echo Dot 5. This sensor allows, by simply tapping on the sphere, to pause the music or stop an alarm, for example. It would be a shame to miss the new 5th generation Echo Dot, offered by Amazon at only 24.99 euros on the occasion of Black Friday.

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