DACIA BIGSTER to inaugurate a new engine, which one and when?

Dacia Bigster Grand Duster 2024

The brand new Grand SUV of the Romanian brand, Dacia Bigsteris preparing its launch in 2025, but several rumors point to an earlier than expected launch, since Dacia intends to accelerate its strategy of hybridization and electrification of its models, to best meet the expectations of its customers in worldwide.

After the Dacia Jogger, the Romanian manufacturer’s first hybrid vehicle, unveiled a few days ago at the Paris Motor Show, the Dacia Bigster could inaugurate a new hybrid engine, it is a 1.8 Hybrid Rechargeable, which will replace the 1.6 engine (HR16) of Nissan origin but reworked by Renault, which equips the Jogger but other Renault models as well. The 1.8 block (HR18) whose increase in displacement and power will allow the passage to the Atkinson cycle, uses a larger expansion than compression, improves engine efficiency and consumption to the detriment of power. Originally, the 1.6 E-Tech incorporated this cycle (also used by Toyota on its hybrids) but the engineers changed their minds due to the lack of engine power and the pollution control constraints of the Euro6 d-full standard.

This new 1.8 Hybrid block could also equip the future generation of the Dacia Dusterbut also the jogger.

More than 10 million DACIAs in the wild!

The first car Dacia was manufactured at the Mioveni factory on August 20, 1968, today the 10 millionth car, in this case a gray Duster, has just rolled off the assembly line.

The figure also includes cars produced in Morocco, as well as Spring models produced at China’s Shyian plant. Sandero and Sandero Stepway were the models with the most cars produced, over 2.6 million, Dacia 1300, 1310 and derivatives totaled 2.3 million, and Duster was released in 2.1 million copies.

The million mark was crossed in 1985, the two million mark in 1998 and the five million mark in 2014. The first five million cars were produced in 46 years, and the other five million in eight years.

Until 2005, so for 37 years, the cars Dacia were only produced in Mioveni. In 2005, the SOMACA factory in Morocco, in Casablanca, opened its doors and in 2012 production began in the large factory in Tangier. Since 2020, the Spring electric model has been produced in Shyian, China. Since 2016, in Algeria, in Oran, production is carried out exclusively for the local market.

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